Imagine this.

You are working as a top real estate agent in Miami, Florida, market. The business was doing wonderful, and you’d never felt more successful- until COVID struck.

A few days ago, you just got word that all in-person property showings and open houses must come to an immediate halt, making physical interaction nearly impossible for conducting business.

As a real estate agent that relies on face-to-face contact, what do you do?
How do you traverse these new COVID guidelines and hold onto those top sales numbers?

Better yet, how do you change the way you secure & close deals to make it through COVID and retain your status as a top realtor?

The solution is simple: real estate virtual tours.

1. Adaptability

Being adaptable to never-ending changes in the environment around you is key for long-term business survival. This is no different in the Miami real estate industry than it is for any other field. Property values and the real estate economy is continually fluctuating, with or without COVID’s influence.
Adaptability means trying new technology and having the willingness to implement it until one reaches success. Using real estate virtual tours in Miami will save your business in the long run because it is a form of adaptation.

2. Virtual Property Showings

Virtual tours and 3D models are taking the real estate industry by storm. With social distancing guidelines and strict in-person viewing procedures, it is actually a necessity to utilize them right now. Not using virtual tours during COVID would be like walking into a retail store and only seeing a label with the product’s name- completely ineffective for making a sale.
Real estate virtual tours in Miami offer potential buyers a chance to view the property from top to bottom without ever leaving the comfort of their couch- compliant with COVID regulations plus effective as a selling tool. Virtual tours showcase every nook and cranny of the property, so the buyer can visualize themselves walking the hallway or winding down in the bedroom as if they are actually there.

3. International Buyers

A large majority of property and home-seekers are international buyers, looking for a getaway home or new business location overseas. International buyers are major players in the United States’ real estate market, and even through the peak of the COVID pandemic, their domestic influence remains strong.
Many USA-based brokers are now rushing to utilize more digital technology- and train their agents to do so- in hopes of attracting more buyers from across the globe. Thanks to life-like real estate virtual tours in Miami, agents are able to sell even the most luxurious and sophisticated properties without ever hosting an in-person open house.

Are you a real estate agent or property owner in Miami, Florida? If so, we’d love to chat with you about how to take your real estate sales to the next level using virtual tours; we can help.